Logging of Clip is configured in the file


If this file has been customized to change logging, it can be removed or renamed and a restart of CLIP will recreate it to the latest CLIP patch version installed (customizations need to be reapplied however !).

By default, CLIP messages of logging level INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL are written to the file


To enable logging on DEBUG level for troubleshooting purposes, edit the file [Clip]/conf/log4j.xml and uncomment the file appender "ClipFAdebug"

Logfile messages of level DEBUG are written to separate logfiles (5 x 500MB by default) \[Clip\]/apache-tomcat/logs/Clip_DEBUG.log. No restart of Clip needs to be done after modification of log4j.xml, the new settings will be effective one minute after the change.