Integration Platform

highly available - HA clustering option with "zero downtime"
proven, certified and supported
stateful, rulebased transactions: auto-assign, auto-close etc.
easily customizable, preconfigured workflows
standard workflows implemented in hours
bi-directional synchronization, out-of-the-box

with AppLink‘s CLIP solution.

Get your ITOM and ITSM solution integrated

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IT Process Automation for your ITOM and ITSM solution

Bi-directional synchronization

The CLIP solution supports bi-directional synchronization of data and supports the Closed Loop Incident Process

Standard workflows implemented in hours

Get your integration running out-of-the-box in hours by activating preconfigured workflows

Easily customizable, preconfigured workflows

Adapt field value assignments, mappings and transformation rules easily in the CLIP Web UI

Attachment, Suppression and Replication

CLIP can attach events to an existing incident, suppress incident creation or create multiple incidents for a single event in different targets( 1:n relationship )

Data Enrichment

Use your external data like spreadsheets, SQL databases or csv files to be considered during rule processing, e.g. to evaluate assignment or priority

Stateful, rulebased transactions

With access to current and history attribute values obtained from CLIP’s self maintained DB about e.g. status or assignment, customize intelligent rules for auto-assignment or auto-closure within CLIP rules

Proven, certified and supported

AppLink’s CLIP is a certified, supported solution on the market since many years with an installed base of dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide

Highly available

The CLIP cluster option assures “zero downtime” by replicating CLIP instances and supports active/active or active/passive modes

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